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El Clasico getting closer

El Clasico

El Clasico

El Clasico is getting closer, just 9 days. Real Madrid vs Barcelona is going to be on 25th of October at 18:00 CET (Central Europe Time). As we promised, we are providing you with live football scores and live El Clasico streaming.

Also are live streaming and live scores worth without betting odds? On our website you will be able to see live El Clasico betting odds from most major betting sites!

Live streaming

We already prepared our live streaming platform and it will be located on so you can bookmark link. Live streaming will begin 10-20 minutes before game start so you can all tune in and enjoy match!

Our live streaming platform can handle lot of clients so don’t worry there will be enough for all of you.

Live betting odds

While you watch El Clasico live streaming you will be able to see live betting odds from most major betting sites including Bet365, WilliamHill, Bet at Home, bet’n Win,… Our betting odds scripts if tuned so it will constantly provide you with fresh betting odds!

Live football scores

For some of you who are not going to be able to watch El Clasico live streaming we have (as always) live football scores so you can at least follow whats happening in game! We follow every card, goal and any other interruption of game so you can keep track and bet if you want!


Also you can follow our twitter profile and you can keep track of all football matches and new El Clasico streaming channels that are going to be opened during match.

Our team is working really hard to provide you with best possible service for most wanted football match – El Clasico. If you have any suggestions what so ever you can send it to our team on E-Mail


Disappeared in the hole

Football match Coritiba vs Sao Paulo Cortiba’s player Diederrick Joel had a minor accident. While he was celebrating goal he jumped over advertising hoardings and fell into hole. Security staff tried to warn him but he didn’t get it. On the first moment this looks very painful but he didn’t get injured. Joel is definitely star of this match because of 2 scored goals and Youtube video with millions of views!

Scorebob match coverage can be found here. 

El Clasico Live streaming and scores

El Classico logo

El Classico

This year Scorebob takes El Clasico coverage to whole new level. We are offering our visitors free live online streaming of the match and complete score coverage of this match. Our coverage website will be and it is already online so bookmark it.

These two giants are facing each other very soon in “La Liga” on 26th of October 2014 and Scorebob is covering this match with live scores and free live streaming

All in all winner of El Clasico in official matches is Real Madrid who won 91 match.

More about El Clásico

El Clásico is popular name for match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is held at least two times per year in “La Liga” (Spain football league) and more if these clubs run on each other in other leagues. First El Clásico was played in 1902 and since then Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other 227 times in official matches and 33 times in unofficial matches.

In total of 260 games (official and unofficial) score was draw in 57 of them and the biggest victory belongs to Real Madrid (11:1)  in Semi-final Copa del Rey match 1943.

Most goals

Lionel Messi (18 goals)

Lionel Messi (21 goals)

Lionel Messi (number 10)

– scored 21 goals in El Clasico matches
– most hat-tricks in El Clasico (2)
– 21 apperance in El Clasico
– one of the most favourite players in FC Barcelona – Live sport scores

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